As parents we often wonder what the right amount of screen time for kids is appropriate. No one would blame you for wondering: What if I just completely cut my child off from the online world…? No social media, no games, no YouTube… No Tik Tok!

If these platforms are where all the trouble happens – and they often are – why not just pull the plug and say “No!”? Well, several years of research show us that, in today’s [digital] world, being a restrictive and overbearing parent leads not only to children missing out academically, but they also end up engaging in more negative, risky and aggressive online behaviors, and fewer supportive and protective ones.

Balance, structure, and support are key, as the above graphic  created by our partners at Linewize by Family Zone prompts us to remember. Children benefit significantly from their online activities, and we want to make sure that we keep that door open for them – while minimizing opportunities for risky or harmful behavior.

Creating that structure with the Digital Agreement templates you’ll find on our College Online Safety Hub is a fantastic way to create that balance and promote positive tech use. Our templates help you navigate screen time for kids including whats age appropraite.

Cyber Safety at Freshwater Christian College

Online safety is an important part to education and our College has a high priority on ensuring our children are safe at school and at home. Our partnership with Famil Zone gives parents the ability to manage screen time for kids 24 hours a day. To find out more about technology and cyber safety at our College visit our Technology Page.

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