Freshwater Christian College is committed to incorporating information technology into learning in a meaningful and cost-effective manner. At Freshwater, technology is fully integrated into the curriculum and used to enhance learning in subjects such as literacy, numeracy, LOTE, music, visual media; and, IT-specific topics such as coding and robotics.

Because we recognise that online safety is an increasingly important factor in the wellbeing of our students, Freshwater also provides cybersafety programs and resources for students, teachers, parents and the wider community to provide safer online environments both at school and home.


Freshwater Kindy seeks to provide an educational experience that ensures all students are fully prepared for entry into Prep. One of the ways we achieve this is through the limited use of digital apps and resources in a classroom setting to introduce students to a blended learning that is used in Prep and beyond.

Kindy parents can access Class Dojo, as well as entertaining and educational video content and resources developed and created by our creative Kindy staff. To access this content, parents can use the ‘Student Portal’ available from the FCC Portals button.

Primary School

Freshwater seeks to promote an educational environment that allows students to use technology to enhance their learning in a manner that reflects and upholds the College purposes. To accomplish this goal, the College is committed to educating students about digital citizenship from Prep onwards, helping students learn how to be smart, safe and responsible online.

Technology is fully integrated into the Primary School curriculum and used to enhance learning in subjects including: literacy, numeracy, LOTE, music, visual media; and, IT-specific topics such as email, coding and robotics.

Prep to Grade 2

Grade 3 to 6

Secondary School

From Year 7, students enter our Managed Device Program, establishing an engaging learning environment that makes use of e-books and other online educational resources for collaboration and communication. As part of this program, Students are issued with a Chromebook throughout Years 7 to 11 under a low-cost rental agreement (i.e. part of the fee structure), which includes a comprehensive warranty; accidental damage protection insurance; and, on-site IT support and assistance.

Why Chromebooks?

Your Chromebook

Google Workspace


Cyber Safety

Online safety is a very important factor in the wellbeing of our students, particularly in an Online Learning environment, and we are taking a holistic approach to Cyber Safety with the aim of providing safe online environments both at school and home.

Our College has also partnered with Family Zone, a comprehensive Cyber Safety solution, to provide parents with the ability to manage their kids’ online activity and provide ongoing support from a team of leading Cyber Experts.



Family Zone

Parental Controls

Help and Support

I.T. Support is available for students and parents from 8.30am to 3.30pm from Monday to Friday at the I.T. Office.

Our technology technicians are available to assist with technical issues such as hardware or software issues, or forgotten passwords and locked accounts. Students and parents may request assistance for those technical issues by using the Service Desk link below.

MDP Service and Repairs

BYOD Support

I.T. Service Desk

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