Freshwater Christian College offers a daily morning and afternoon school bus service covering
Edmonton, City, Smithfield, Redlynch and the Northern Beaches areas.

Here’s why our school bus service stands out:

Cutting-edge technology for peace of mind

1. Touchpoint Technology:
Say goodbye to traditional bus passes! With our innovative system, kids simply tap-on and tap-off the bus using a fob. It’s quick, easy, and ensures accurate attendance tracking.

2. Real-Time Journey Tracking:
Track your child’s journey in real-time through our advanced GPS technology. Whether you’re at work, home, or on the go, you can follow the bus’s progress, giving you peace of mind about your child’s safety.

3. Instant Notifications:
Receive instant notifications and email alerts about any variations or deviations from the intended journey. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if your kids aren’t on the bus. We believe that communication is key, and our system keeps you informed every step of the way.

4. Absence Alerts:
Life can be unpredictable, and we understand that. If your child won’t be taking the bus on a particular day, simply alert the school through our system. It’s a seamless process that ensures the school is always in the loop.

5. Effortless Booking and Changes:
Booking your child onto a specific route and stop has never been easier. Our user-friendly interface allows you to make and manage bookings with just a few clicks. And if plans change, modifying your child’s transportation details is a breeze.



Regular Bookings

  • Bookings are made for a full year
  • To ensure their safety, ALL Prep students are signed on and off the bus by a parent or authorised person each time they travel
  • For safety reasons Freshwater Christian Kindergarten students are not permitted to travel on the College buses, even if older siblings will be travelling on the bus
  • Weekly bookings are available, where there is availability and fees are charged at the casual rate
  • The full applicable annual rate is payable even if the booking is for less than 5 days per week
  • If new booking commences mid-term, families will be charged weekly rate multiplied by the number of weeks from the first day of travel

Casual Bookings

  • Subject to availability
  • Bookings are made by contacting the Bus Coordinator by email at bus@fcc.qld.edu.au or by phone on (07) 4243 3601
  • Casual bookings must be made no later than 10 am for travel on that afternoon or the following morning trip
  • A new booking must be made for each casual trip
  • Recurring trips cannot be booked on casual tickets
  • Casual fees are charged at $10.00 per trip and payable via the Rollcall App or at our Finance Office


Please Note: All students are required to use bus fobs to log on and off the bus. Replacement fobs will be charged to your Rollcall account.

First Bell


School commences each day at 8.25am.

Last Bell


Our school day finishes at 2.50pm.