Scholarships at Freshwater

At Freshwater Christian College, we strive for academic excellence and seek to actively invest in the gifting and talents of all students. We are offering a range of academic and excellence scholarships to new and current students. We are also offering Principal Opportunity Scholarships to those families meeting the criteria for financial assistance.

Applications for 2023 are now closed for General Excellence Scholarships, Principal’s Opportunity & Academic Scholarships and will re-open mid-year 2023. 



Please see below for more information regarding the types of Scholarships available at Freshwater Chrisitan College. 

General Excellence Scholarships

General Excellence Scholarships apply to every area of the curriculum, are awarded annually and are available to all new and current students in Years 5 to 12. General Excellence Scholarships attract an annual reduction in fees of 50%.

General Excellence Scholarships acknowledge the following areas of student endeavour:


Outstanding achievement and progress in one or more subject areas.


Significant co-curricular contribution. Outstanding performance representing the College in competitions such as wearable-art, Futsal, Opti-minds, debating, chess, robotics, etc.


Contribution to the College community through the expression of the College character virtues: compassion, courage, honour, humility, integrity and wisdom.

Interested students are required to prepare a portfolio of evidence for the scholarship application
and attend an interview with the Principal. Awarding of scholarships will be announced shortly
after the interview, by letter.

Application Details

Applications are now closed for 2023. 

Academic Scholarships

Three-year Academic Scholarships are available for students who will enter Year 7. Two-year Academic Scholarships are available for students who will enter Year 11. All applicants are invited to sit the Scholarship Exam which is held at Freshwater Christian College. Academic scholarships attract a 50% reduction in fees for the duration of the scholarship. Academic Scholarships are assessed through formal examination of the following areas: general reasoning, mathematics, reading comprehension, spelling and written expression. High achieving candidates will be short-listed and invited for an interview with the Principal.

    How To Apply

    Applications are now closed for 2023.

    Principal Opportunity Scholarships

    The Principal’s Opportunity Scholarship is awarded, at the Principal’s discretion, to those who would not otherwise be financially able to attend Freshwater Christian College. Applications are accepted and assessed year-round for students in Grade Prep to Year 12. Principal’s Opportunity Scholarships are means-tested and thus applicants are required to provide some financial information to the school.

    The Principal’s Opportunity Scholarship has now closed for 2023.