In our Secondary School, something exciting and transformative is happening among the Year 9 and 10 Business and Economics students. They’re not just studying entrepreneurship from textbooks or attending classes; they’re experiencing it firsthand through an innovative initiative known as $20 Boss. This program is all about real-world learning, equipping students with invaluable entrepreneurial skills while empowering them to create, innovate, and adapt in a dynamic business environment.

The Classroom Meets the Marketplace with $20 Boss Program

Traditional classrooms have their place in education, but they often lack the tangible experiences that prepare students for the challenges of the real world. $20 Boss bridges that gap by turning the classroom into a marketplace. Students aren’t merely memorizing theories; they’re developing, marketing, and selling their own products.

This real-world connection makes learning come alive in ways that textbooks alone cannot. It sparks enthusiasm, creativity, and a sense of ownership in students. When you visit their stalls, you witness students actively engaged in conversations with customers, demonstrating products, and handling transactions. It’s a living classroom where the curriculum is written by real-life challenges and opportunities.

Real-life learning was an exciting step for many of our students!

From Supply Issues to Problem Solvers

Supply issues? Customer service problems? Accounting headaches? These are just a few of the hurdles that $20 Boss students encounter on their entrepreneurial journey. But these challenges aren’t roadblocks; they’re opportunities for growth.

In the face of supply shortages, students learn to negotiate, adapt, and find alternative solutions. Customer service issues become lessons in empathy, communication, and customer satisfaction. Accounting complexities teach them about financial responsibility, budgeting, and profit margins. Through these experiences, students discover their own HR issues and how to build effective teams.

Students were challenged to consider all factors including smooth transactions and waiting lines.

Skills for a Lifetime

The $20 Boss program isn’t just about creating a product and making sales. It’s about developing essential life skills:

  1. Critical Thinking: Students must analyze market demand, competition, and pricing strategies, enhancing their critical thinking abilities.
  2. Problem Solving: Every challenge they encounter becomes an opportunity to problem-solve and innovate.
  3. Communication: Interacting with customers, fellow students, and mentors sharpens their communication skills.
  4. Teamwork: Collaborating on projects teaches teamwork and collaboration, which are crucial in any profession.
  5. Adaptability: As they navigate supply and customer service issues, students learn to adapt to changing circumstances.

How to make a profit? Our budding entrepreneurs must develop a product that would attract their target market.

Beyond the Classroom with $20 Boss

$20 Boss isn’t just an isolated classroom activity; it extends into the community. Students visit younger classes to promote their products, fostering community engagement and a sense of responsibility. They also negotiate time off from regular classes, teaching them the importance of balancing commitments, a valuable workplace skill.




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