As a primary school student, learning about the past can be a fascinating experience. In Humanities and Social Science, Year 2 students have been exploring the past by studying artefacts and their significance in historical events. Recently, the school organized an interactive Year 2 museum that allowed students to engage with artefacts firsthand and gain a deeper understanding of history.

Artefacts kindly donated by staff at our Primary school.

The museum was made possible by the contributions of many staff members who provided a wide range of artefacts, including a water bottle from World War 1, a 200-year-old bible, a policeman’s hat, a typewriter, rotary phones, an accordion, and imperial coins. These artefacts helped bring history to life for the students and provided valuable insights into the lives and times of people who came before them.

To replicate a real-life museum experience, the school even had security guards on duty to safeguard the artefacts. This added an extra layer of authenticity to the event and made it a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

The interactive Year 2 museum is a fantastic example of how primary schools can provide hands-on learning experiences to engage students and foster a love of learning. By exploring the past through artefacts, students are able to make meaningful connections to historical events and people and gain a deeper appreciation for history.

primary school museum

Primary school students looking at artifacts.

Overall, the Year 2 museum was a resounding success, the students loved getting a glimpse into what life was like in the past and provoked many conversations helping them develop a greater understanding of the world around them and how far we have come in technology advancements.

primary school artifacts

200 year old Bible on display at the Primary school Museum.


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