Recently, a mother asked me how she knows if her family life is strong or doing well? She was wanting a reference point. Her children fought and argued a lot, so she was concerned about the strength of the bonds between her children. 

This is a question parents might often ask themselves or one another. Parenting is not always easy, although all of us strive to do the best for our children, life is complex. As a parent, we hope that our children get along, that they can navigate life together and a supportive family is essential in our busy lives today.

Let us share 8 traits of strong, emotionally smart families that you could find useful for your family life:

  1. Members come together regularly and enjoy each other’s company. How much time do you spend together as a family?
  2. People share their feelings, even unpleasant feelings, and they learn how to manage them effectively. Does your family connect on an emotional level?
  3. Family members care deeply about each other. Would your family pull together or disintegrate when hardship hits?
  4. Family members communicate positively and show affection. How much affection is shown in your family on a daily basis?
  5. Conflict is resolved respectfully and positively, rather than ignored. Is conflict ignored or handled respectfully in your family?
  6. There’s a strong sense of shared identity. What are your key family traditions and rituals?
  7. Decisions are shared and all members honour each other’s opinions and ideas. What parenting approach do you use? Aim for an authoritative style of parenting, rather than an indulgent, neglectful or authoritarian parenting style. Boundaries and love are both equally in play.
  8. There is a feeling of optimism and hope within the family. How does your family measure up?

In summing up, God’s design is for us to function, enjoy and thrive within the bounds of family life. God is a relational God and he has given us family as an extension of his goodness and he can help us do it well.

Family Life Support

The Pastoral Care Team at Freshwater Christian College is always available to chat and discuss the complexities and dynamics of family life. Our goal is to come alongside our College families and offer support to get the best out of family life for our students. Not only are we avaialble to come and have a chat with we also deliver parenting courses for primary and high school families as well as an upcoming marraige course. We encourage all parents to take the time to develop and grow in the area of parenting and bulding a strong marraige is critically important to family life. Please contact us here in Pastoral Care should you feel you need support in this area. It would be our joy to come alongside you to help.

Enjoy the mid-year break with your children.

God Bless you.

Pastoral Care Team

Material partly sourced from parenting

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