Local Cairns school, Freshwater Christian College is celebrating its 40th Anniversary. The 40th Anniversary Student Committee are enjoying learning more about the school’s rich history and meeting with some of the staff who have been a part of the journey.

Story time with Mrs Cook!

If you are a part of the Freshwater community, I am sure you have met the lovely lady in the library, Mrs Cook. But you may not know that Mrs Cook has been a part of Freshwater for 33 years! During this time she has worked as a cleaner, an assistant and a teacher in almost all grades of the primary school. In 2019, Mrs Cook moved to her current position as the College Librarian. Some of our student committee, Aroha, Jessica and Mahkari in Year 7 caught up with Mrs Cook recently to ask her to share some of her memories with them.

local Cairns school

Two of the students, Aroha and Mahkari, who interviewed Mrs Cook.

When did you start working at Cairns local school, Freshwater Christian College?

I started in here in 1990 when there were only a few classroom blocks and a small demountable. It has certainly grown a lot since then!

What things have you seen change over the years?

Whilst I’ve been working here in this local Cairns school, many things have changed for the better. Freshwater Christian College now has many more classrooms, resources, teachers, plants and students! I have always been passionate about encouraging students to develop a love of learning and reading, so the developments in the area of the library have always been very exciting to see. The college library first began in one of the classrooms in secondary, before moving to a double classroom in the current grade 1 block. In 2010 the original basketball court was transformed into our current library and this was officially opened in 2011.

What are some of your favourite memories at school?

It was really lovely to work at the school while my children were students and I have wonderful memories of seeing two of my children graduate from Freshwater. My son Matthew was a School Captain in 2001 and Tim was a Prefect in 2005. I have always felt that Freshwater has had a wonderful family atmosphere.

Can you share any funny stories with us?

When I was teaching in Prep, I remember one day after lunch had finished the kids were lining up outside the classroom and began telling me that there was a snake around the back of the block. I went around to check and, sure enough, there was a snake sitting on the floor staring at me! A little while after the snake moved away from our classroom, we looked around the area and saw a whole nest of snakes and eggs. That was certainly a moment I will never forget!

What is so special about our local Cairns school that has made you want to work here for so long?

Freshwater has a great sense of belonging. I have always felt loved and cared for by my colleagues at Freshwater. Plus, the opportunity to share Jesus with the children so openly is one of a kind.

Thanks for sharing your stories with us Mrs Cook! We really appreciate all that you have invested in our local Cairns school, Freshwater Christian College over the past 33 years!

Mrs Cook teaching year 3 in 2015

local Cairns school teacher

Mrs Cook supporting the crocs at the 2015 swimming carnival

The original basketball court was transformed into our current library and officially opened in 2011.

local Cairns school library

Some of the great facilities we have available in our current school library






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