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Year 10 Work Experience Program for our students at our local Cairns high school, Freshwater Christian College

Freshwater Christian College’s work experience program has been an incredible platform for our Year 10 students to gain valuable insights into various industries and professions. As they stepped out of the classroom and into the real world, they embraced exciting opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to their chosen workplaces. In this blog, we celebrate some of the remarkable highlights from our students’ work experience journeys, showcasing their enthusiasm, dedication, and the impact of this transformative program.

Kuranda Reforestation: A Wildlife Adventure with Jagama

At Kuranda Reforestation, Jagama’s work experience was an awe-inspiring journey working with animals and dedicated carers. From interacting with diverse wildlife to contributing to crucial conservation efforts, Jagama’s experience was not only a source of great fun but also a massive learning curve that left an indelible impression.

At Kuranda Reforestation I worked with many animals and carers. My work experience was great fun and was a massive learning curve, it is an experience that I will never forget.


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Freshwater Christian College’s Cairns high school work experience program takes students on a thrilling wildlife adventure like Jagama’s at Kuranda Reforestation, fostering an unforgettable learning experience.


SeaSwift Freight Ship: Navigating Towards Maritime Dreams with Laylanie

Laylanie’s work experience on a SeaSwift freight ship in the Torres Strait provided her with valuable insights into navigational charts and container loading and unloading. Her enthusiasm and excitement for a future career at sea shine through, highlighting the program’s impact in nurturing career aspirations.

For my work experience, I went out on a SeaSwift freight ship up to the Torres Strait, and I learnt how to do navigational charts and how the loading and unloading of containers is conducted. I had a heap of fun and I am looking forward to getting a career at sea. 


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Work experience empowers students like Laylanie to pursue maritime dreams through their work experience, offering hands-on experience aboard SeaSwift freight ships.

Cairns Regional Council Animal Care: Fostering Compassion with Shay

Shay’s heartwarming experience involved cuddling kittens at the Cairns Regional Council Animal Care facility, igniting her passion for animal welfare and responsible pet care.

Kindy Children’s Love: A Memorable Journey with Ella

Ella’s time spent with kindy children provided her with precious memories, as they clung to her during sleep time, reflecting the joy and fulfillment derived from nurturing the young minds.

Kindy children wanted to keep holding my hand! I also had one child in my arms and another child on my lap during sleep time.  


Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre: Healing with Maddy

Maddy’s work experience at the Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre helped her gain a stronger understanding on animal rehabilitation, reaffirming the importance of marine conservation.

On Fitzroy Island Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, I gave a disabled turtle exercise therapy. The turtle had lost its back fin from a boating accident.


Solar Panel Installation: Climbing Towards Sustainability with Josiah

Josiah’s experience assisting in solar panel installations gave him practical knowledge of the basics of safety on worksites and the day to day tasks involved.

I was assisting to install solar panels. A highlight was being on a roof with scaffolds and safety equipmemt during the rain.


Brisbane Air Conditioning Project: Expanding Horizons with Corey

Corey’s work experience took him to Brisbane, where he contributed to installing outdoor air conditioning units and ducting for new homes, broadening his horizons and skillset.

I flew to Brisbane to install outdoor air conditioning units  and ducting for new homes in a housing estate.


Freshwater Christian College’s  work experience program has been a resounding success, enriching the lives of our Year 10 students and preparing them for future endeavors. Through diverse experiences in various industries, these students have discovered their passions, honed their skills, and embraced a sense of responsibility towards their communities and the environment. As we celebrate these remarkable journeys, we reaffirm our commitment to nurturing the potential of every student and empowering them to thrive in a dynamic world.

More Student Highlights:

 I worked at a gym for the afternoon/evening shift and the owner/managers.



I learnt some of the skills for a physiotherapist  and importance of health and safety at the Cairns hospital. I visited patients at the Respiratory, Surgical, Orthopaedics, Muscular and Skeletal and Renal wards.



Working on the construction site building a home, I was able to measure and cut timber with a drop saw.




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