Freshwater College Athletes Excel at Trinity Coast North Cross Country Meet.

Freshwater Christian College is one of the leading Cairns high schools in the region, at our school we believe in nurturing the physical well-being of our students alongside their academic growth. Recently, our talented athletes represented our school at the Trinity Coast North Cross Country (TCN) meet, and we couldn’t be prouder of their remarkable achievements. With the guidance of Mr. Hammill and the unwavering support of our teachers and parents, our students showcased their determination, teamwork, and dedication, making this event a shining example of our excellence in sports. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments!

Efforts, Determination, and Support:

Athletes from our College exhibited tremendous efforts and unwavering determination throughout the event. Each student displayed true sportsmanship and a remarkable level of support for one another, embodying the values of the College. The camaraderie and team spirit demonstrated by our athletes was truly inspiring, reflecting the ethos of our College.

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Early Morning Training Sessions:

Under the expert coaching of Mr Hammill, our athletes were well-prepared for the Trinity Coast North Cross Country meet. Throughout the year, Mr. Hammill dedicated his time and effort to conduct early morning training sessions, allowing our runners from our local Cairns high school sports team to enhance their physical fitness and develop positive health habits. These training sessions played a crucial role in building endurance, stamina, and overall athletic skills, aligning with our commitment to holistic student development.

Triumphant Results:

We are delighted to share that our students’ hard work and dedication paid off splendidly at the meet. Freshwater Christian College experienced its most successful Cross Country meet to date, with five of our talented athletes earning well-deserved medals. Their outstanding performance and exceptional skills have brought pride the College. Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that an impressive total of 11 students from Freshwater Christian College have qualified for the Peninsula trials, scheduled to take place later this month. This remarkable achievement not only highlights the depth of talent within our College but also demonstrates the commitment of athletes to excel in their sporting endeavors.


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Hammill for his invaluable coaching expertise, guidance, and unwavering commitment to our students’ athletic development. His passion for sports and dedication to fostering a culture of physical fitness aligns perfectly with the values of the College, and his contribution has played a significant role in the success of our athletes.

Additionally, we extend our sincere appreciation to the teachers and parents who came along to support our runners. Your presence and encouragement created an atmosphere of positivity and motivation, empowering our athletes to perform at their best. Your involvement in their journey is a testament to the schools commitment to fostering a strong sense of community and support.

Our students have once again made us proud with their exceptional performances at the Trinity Coast North Cross Country meet. Through their efforts, determination, and unwavering support for one another, they have showcased the true spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. As we celebrate their accomplishments, we also recognize the important role that early morning training sessions, expert coaching, and the support of our teachers and parents have played in their journey to success. Freshwater Christian College remains dedicated to nurturing both the academic and physical well-being of our students, and we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Peninsula trials where our talented athletes will continue to shine.


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