Freshwater Christian College has a strong reputation for wearable art design and over the recent years students have really excelled with creative designs that demonstrate passion and imagination.
Our wearable art design students continue to create a range of amazing creations, recently a number of students submitted works into the Cairns Show Wearable Art Design Competition, unfortunately, due to unforeseen challenges the fashion show presentation was cancelled however we are pleased to announce some exciting wins.
The Cairns Show Wearable Arts Competition Results
1st Place Winner: Abbygail Stringer-Ubuntu “I am because you are”
2nd Place Winner: Kate Farquhar “Monarch”
3rd Place Winner: Virya Giner-Tan “Up Beat”
What’s Next for Wearable Art Design in 2021
Abbygail, Kate, and Virya will compete in late August alongside Scarlett Hartsuiker, Bianca Giles, and Jikieya Pitt in a national wearable art competition in Perth. Results will be announced in November. We are hoping to take a small team of students over for the fully choreographed showcase in November. The results will be announced on the opening night on November 7th.
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Design Art at Freshwater Christian College

We are passionate about art at our College with many opportunities to develop and explore students giftings. With a newly renovated art space, experienced and enthusiastic art teachers our art department is in high demand. For more information check out our youtube channel.

Our New Custom Built Art Facility

In 2021 Freshwater Christian College opened its newly renovated art facility. The space enables students to explore their creativity with ample storage and display areas to feature students talents as well as outdoor work areas giving students the ability to work outside of the four walls of a classroom. Hear from Art Teacher, Mrs Renee Nsengimana who collaborated with fellow staff to design this space specific to students needs on our youtube channel.

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