Freshwater Christian Kindergarten had an exciting week when they opened their doors to their Kindergarten parents, inviting them to share their roles in the community. This special event not only brought the community closer together but also enriched the children’s experiences and playtime. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the heartwarming stories of the guests who graced the Cairns Kindergarten during this fun week.

Pastor Laura Douglas: Sharing ‘I’m Like Me’

Pastor Laura Douglas was one of the first guests to visit the Cairns Kindergarten during this memorable week. She brought with her the magic of storytelling as she read her book, ‘I’m Like Me,’ to the enthusiastic young minds. The children were captivated by her words, and their smiles lit up the room as they immersed themselves in the story. Freshwater Christian Kindergarten extends its heartfelt gratitude to Ps. Laura for taking the time to share her inspiring tale with the children.

cairns kindergarten

Ps Laura Douglas, reading her childrens book, I’m Like Me to our kindergarten students

Luke the Pilot: Soaring to New Heights

Next up was Luke, who arrived in his pilot’s uniform, ready to take the children on a journey of imagination. He shared remarkable photos of his adventures, leaving the children in awe of his profession. Luke’s visit not only broadened the horizons of the children but also fueled their dreams of soaring high in the skies. The children thoroughly enjoyed Luke’s visit, and it’s safe to say that he left them with unforgettable memories.

cairns kindergarten

Luke the Pilot sharing about his job.

Nurse Nonna – Wendy: Nurturing Hearts and Imaginations

Nurse Nonna, also known as Wendy, joined the Cairns Kindergarten to shed light on the role of a nurse. Her visit was met with eager anticipation as the children were curious to learn about the world of healthcare. Nurse Nonna not only shared valuable insights but also brought along props that allowed the children to play nurse themselves. The children were engrossed in their newfound roles and gained a deeper appreciation for the caring and compassionate work that nurses do.

Our kindergarten students really enjoyed a visit from Wendy the nurse!

Freshwater Christian Kindergarten’s Community Week was a week to remember, filled with heartwarming moments and valuable lessons. The Kindergarten community came together to provide a rich and diverse learning experience for the children. Through Pastor Laura’s storytelling, Luke’s adventurous spirit, and Nurse Nonna’s nurturing presence, the children of Cairns Kindergarten were inspired, educated, and filled with gratitude. This special week exemplified the power of community involvement in shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning.


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